Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Relief Society Workshop Information and Schedule

Welcome to First Ward's Relief Society Workshop {formerly known as Super Saturday} blog!

We are so excited for our Relief Society Workshop next month. It will be a wonderful opportunity to get together as sisters to craft, learn new skills, and enjoy the sisterhood of Relief Society!

Our Relief Society Workshop is on Saturday, November 6th, from 9 AM to 12:00 NOON at the Parley Building.

The classes are:

9:00-9:55 AM
Class 1: Family Traditions Class {FREE}
Class 2: Cake Stand Craft
Class 3: Purse
Class 4: Humanitarian Service--Tying Quilts {FREE}

10:00-10:55 AM
Class 1: Repurposing Class {FREE}
Class 2: Quiet Book
Class 3: Proclamation Craft
Class 4: Humanitarian Service--Tying Quilts {FREE}

11:00-12:00 NOON

Because the Traditions Class and the Repurposing Class are at specific times, we understand there may be conflicts where someone wants to attend a class, but yet also wants to do a craft that is being held at the same time. Therefore, we will be holding all craft classes in the gym. Even if a teacher is finished teaching a craft class, that station will still be "open" and available for people to come and go as the please, allowing them to go to classes and crafts!

Order forms and money are due to Mandy Brock or Lindsay Bates by October 17th. {It is really important that everyone attending the Relief Society Workshop turn in an order form, even if you are just attending the free classes and lunch. We need to have accurate numbers attending!}

To see and/or print an order form, click HERE

If you have any questions, you can email Mandy at:


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  1. Will there be child care? Hubby will be out of town. thanks, emilee Davis